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Do you see potential for AI and machine learning in your organization — but need expert guidance to get it right?

  • Is your company interested in AI and machine learning—but finding it impossible find qualified experts?
  • Do you have business intelligence tools that can be more powerful when paired with AI and machine learning?
  • Are you looking for step-by-step guidance for engineering and implementing AI/machine learning to avoid unnecessary future costs?

We partner with organizations that are ready to embrace AI and machine learning, but don’t have the team, resources or expertise to identify and implement their most valuable opportunities.


Business led, Value driven

For companies that want to unleash the power of AI and machine learning—and get it right from the start—that’s where Foresight comes in.

Whether you need experts who handle every step of your project or only provide guidance, we can help bring measurable results and value.

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Why Foresight?

Born and based in Silicon Valley, and powered by the top 1% of machine learning and AI experts, Foresight brings your organization:

  • Company leadership from a top 15 Silicon Valley AI startup, according to Inc., later acquired by Infosys
  • Experience from clients like American Express, Samsung, Discover, Ebay, Paypal, Brookfield RPS, Boston Consulting Group and many more
  • In-house experts who identify and implement solutions alongside client engineers and business teams, providing additional technical bandwidth
  • Results-oriented, business value-driven solutions in machine learning and AI

Foresight identifies machine learning and AI applications that solve real business challenges and delivers expertly engineered solutions that set your company up for years of success.

Machine Learning and AI — Minus the Hype

Despite their potential, machine learning and AI have suffered from a hype problem.

  • Instead of solving real problems, these technologies have often been used as a checkbox for innovation without providing real benefits.
  • Worse yet, poorly planned and implemented solutions using outdated processes have resulted in burgeoning implementation and maintenance costs, greatly reducing business value and ROI.

Today, many business managers are asking: How can we get real value from machine learning and AI — without the technical debt, risk, and hype?

Innovation with Foresight

By offering qualified expertise and proactive planning, Foresight is helping organizations identify and implement initiatives that have future-proofed potential, tapping into this competitive advantage with solutions that consider the present and future.

  • Drawing upon expertise from top Silicon Valley AI startups and Global 2000 clients, Foresight brings the top 1% of experts to each project, getting things right from the very beginning for years of scalable ROI.
  • Employing, as needed, a comprehensive team of data scientists, engineers and system architects, ensures the best models are built and deployed using software engineering, system architecture and machine learning operations best practices.
  • Utilizing modern fast agile processes, advanced in-house technology, and a proven 4-step process, real business value becomes a real outcome.

Foresight 4-Step Process

  • Feasibility: In-depth exploration of the business challenges and opportunities
  • Proof of Value: Provide a report that shows the long and short- term value of the initiative
  • Low Touch Pilot: Institute a pilot project utilizing agile processes
  • High Touch Integration: Full scale integration of the project to ensure success (optional)

At a time when qualified AI and machine learning experts are in high-demand and difficult to find, it’s Foresight that brings the qualified team and solution to your organization—without the hype.

Is your organization considering a machine learning or AI project?

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About Us

Foresight was born in Silicon Valley when founder, Abhimanyu Aditya, recognized a major gap in the machine learning and AI market that continues to challenge companies.

Although more organizations are adopting machine learning and AI, many of the initiatives have been poorly implemented and planned using outdated processes and inexperienced teams, slashing their impact and resulting in massive maintenance expenses and headaches.

To address this challenge, Foresight’s team of experts identifies machine learning or AI opportunities that provide the most value and implements reliable, cost-effective solutions, proactively built for the present and future.

With experience from clients like American Express, Samsung, Discover and many others, Foresight partners with business and engineering teams to deliver no-gimmick solutions with clear ROI — every single time.

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